Memoir Deep-Cleansing Bar 4.5oz

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Activated Charcoal and French Red Clay is one of the best ingredients for keeping your skin clean and refreshed.

Our Memoir Deep Cleansing truly finds excess oil and dirt deep down your pores and when it finishes cleansing, it slams the pore doors shut, leaving your skin tight and glowing.

Scrub Scrub! Let the charcoal and red clay gently scrub away excess oil and dirt on your face!

Peppermint Essential Oil gives you extra cooling and refreshment!

Finally available in the US via Amazon!!

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The Magical Ingredients

•Coconut Oil: It is known to be one of the best skin moisturizing oil.

•Activated Charcoal Powder: is a charcoal that has been treated to become more absorbent. It is a great deep cleanser that will bind to excess oil and impurities and draw them out of your skin, thus leaving your skin clean and refreshed. It will provide a gentle daily exfoliation, which will improve complexion by getting rid of dead skin cells.

•French Red Clay: All clay contains minerals, trace elements, and nutrients that soothe skin and absorb excess oil. Especially the high level of iron oxide in red clay is useful for purifying, brightening, nourishing, toning the skin, leaving it feeling youthful and soft.

•Cucumber Extract: is known to reduce puffy eyes, reduce freckles, treat sunburn, and tighten open pores. The most common use of cucumber is to improve and rejuvenate your skin.

•Organic Peppermint Essential Oil: It is one of the best natural skin brightener. Also it is particularly good for controlling secretion of excess oil and prevents clogging of pores and outbreak of acne.

•Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil: contains strong compounds that are known to reduce inflammation that can lead to swelling of the skin. Many studies have been conducted to prove that tea tree is very effective for treating mild to moderate acne. Also it is known to lighten acne scars and also helps restore the skin’s natural oil balance.

•Hyaluronic Acid: is naturally found in the body, it secures moistures and creates fullness. It will replenish moisture that is crucial to having younger-looking, supple skin.

•11-Grain Powder: Contains Mung Bean, Brown Rice, Barley, Black Sesame, Wheat, Perilla Seed, Soybean, Buckwheat, Chestnut Shell, Kelp, Oatmeal. Experience a gentle daily scrub with 11 different types of grains.

• EM (effective microorganism) Water: Instead of the traditional method of using the lye and water mixture, we use effective microorganism water to make our all-natural soap. This process makes our soap probiotic. Topically applying probiotics can have so many great benefits for your skin. Probiotics act as a physical shield, blocking harmful microbes from causing inflammation or infection.

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