We are committed to make all of our products using only the best and the safest ingredients derived from nature.  All of our products are carefully handcrafted in small-batches inside an industry standard clean room. Careful cleaning and sterilization of equipment is a mandatory step we religiously take prior to making our products. We go above and beyond the industry quality standard to deliver the highest quality a customer can expect. We believe the secret recipe to creating great products are actually simple.


First, use the best ingredients derived from nature we can obtain. That means even flying to New Zealand to test honey products, or flying to Tasmania, Australia to test berry extracts, or visiting Red Ginseng farm in South Korea. We deeply care about the ingredients in many ways. We make sure that we only use ingredients derived from nature. Which means, all the ingredients are either in its purest form or minimally processed to achieve the final form without any chemicals added.


Second, not make any products that we would not personally use. In fact, all of our products were originally created for our personal use, then further developed by our specialist to become even better products.


Third, make sure to keep the manufacturing area and the equipment cleaned and sterilized. Because we use natural ingredients and do not use any chemical preservatives, keeping the end products away from any contamination is a necessary procedure.


Lastly, always remind ourselves to never stop improving!


Not only we truly care about our customers and the ingredients, but also about nature. We fully commit ourselves in by caring about nature and take part in healing nature, so the nature will present us with cleaner natural ingredients.


Our slogan is "Memoir X Nature", which means a collaboration between Memoir Cosmetics and Nature to bring our customers the best and the safest skincare products.


We are a family-owned-and-operated natural cosmetics company established in 2013 with its headquarter located in Seoul, South Korea. Our founders, Jane is from Auckland New Zealand, Daniel is from Seattle Washington. Growing up in very nature friendly environment, they both developed loving and caring attitude towards Nature.


Jane started the soap business in 2013, because she was struggling to find cosmetics that she can use without having skin troubles afterwards. After months of searching for the right cosmetics, she came to a conclusion that she was allergic to chemical based cosmetics. Although the Korean cosmetics industry was experiencing a massive growth during that time, she didn't see any companies making all natural cosmetics, let alone an eco-friendly products. So she decided to make her own natural soap and natural facial and body cream using only the safest ingredients derived from Nature.


Daniel, at that time was working at a Norwegian based renewable energy company in South Korea. Having a keen interest in sustainable energy and lifestyle, he always dreamed of producing products that are more environmentally friendly.


With their experience and expertise in cosmetics and environmental science, Memoir Cosmetics was incorporated 2015. Although they had an option to start the company in Auckland, New Zealand or Seattle, Washington, they decided to keep the operation in South Korea for the following reason:


First, it is geographically the easiest country to import (and travel) natural ingredients from Europe, Asian countries, Oceania and export our products to other countries. Being in Korea allows us to easily visit the natural ingredient's originating country and import at lower cost than elsewhere.


Second, with our operating hours from 8 am to 8 pm on Seoul time zone, we cover all the other time zone in their regular business hours. Which means, our customers from anywhere in the world would have an access to our live customer support at instant.


Third, South Korea has one of the lowest and fastest shipping courier services in the World. An overnight courier service of a medium size parcel (10kg, 4.5 lbs) costs around 2 dollars. What does this mean? We can receive ingredients at lower cost, which means lower production cost.


​We are in business to help others. We run "Buy one Donate One" campaign with our natural soap products.


We partnered up with Good People and Korean Animal Welfare Association to donate our soap to orphanages, vulnerable children shelters, shelter programs for single moms, and animal shelters every time a customer buys a bar of soap, we donate one.


When you buy our product, not only you are helping those in need but you are also making the World a cleaner place by using environmentally friendly products.


Thank you



Jane and Daniel